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Resolution 1-2016 -  Reimbursement Rates for Travel and Business Expenses

Resolution 2-2016 Approving tax benefits for new industry or expansion for Express Pipeline, LLC

Resolution 3-2016 -  Determining buffalo/bison designation for Fergus County & requiring County Commissioner Authorization to translocate buffalo/bison

Resolution 4-2016 Authorizing participation in the short term investment pool (STIP) Montana Board of Investments

Resolution 5-2016 - Disaster Declaration

Resolution 6-2016 - Budgetary authority resolution for Roundhouse & Paradise bridges

Resolution 7-2016 - Establishing bi-weekly pay periods for the employees of Fergus County

Resolution 8-2016 - Appointing Mr. Kent Sipe as Fergus County Attorney

Resolution 9-2016 - Amending Fergus County Rural Fire expenditure & revenue budgets for FY1516

Resolution 10-2016 - Receive monies from the MT Department of Health & Human Services for alcohol rehabilitation

Resolution 11-2016 - Receive monies for the Fergus County Weed Department for the express purpose of covering expenditures

Resolution 12-2016 - Increase the expenditure budget for FY1516 for the Fergus County Weed Department

Resolution 13-2016 - Approving the annexation of real property into the Lewistown Rural Fire District from the Cheadle Rural Fire District

Resolution 14-2016 - Adopting the budget for FY1617

Resolution 15-2016 - Adopting the salary increase for Fergus County Elected Officials

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