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The criminal division handles traffic, fish and game violations, misdemeanor offenses, alcohol involving juveniles, and preliminary hearings.  

The civil division handles actions involving personal or property damages, contract disputes, recovery of personal property, interpleader, local ordinances, protection orders, forcible entry, unlawful detainer, and landlord/tenant disputes. The amount in controversy, or the value of the property, cannot exceed $12,000.00.

The small claims division handles contracts involving the recovery of money, recovery specific personal property, and interpleader. The amount in controversy, or the value of the property, cannot exceed $7,000.00. Counterclaims cannot exceed $6,500.00.

The justice court does not handle disputes involving false imprisonment, libel, slander, criminal conversation, seduction, malicious prosecution, determination of paternity, and abduction. The justice court does not have jurisdiction which involves the title or possession of real property or the legality of any tax.

County Complex
121 8th Avenue South
Lewistown MT  59457

Phone: (406) 535-5418
Fax: (406) 535-3187
Email: justicecourt.fergus@mt.gov

Kelly Mantooth, Judge
County Complex
121 8th Ave. S.
Lewistown, MT  59457

Jena Belden
Senior Clerk of Court

Melonie Lyons