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The Lewistown Municipal Airport is part of a National Air Commerce System for National Defense and Civil Aeronautics, whose primary purpose is mandated to be an Airport Facility that will serve the national state, and local communities aeronautical needs. The obligation of the Lewistown Municipal Airport ís governing body is:

  • To preserve and maintain the Airport Facility in a safe and serviceable condition.
  • To serve the public needs for all types, kinds, and classes of aeronautical activity in an efficient manner.
  • To allow for incomes to be generated through lease of areas or space, with reasonable terms for both aviation and non-aviation uses at this Federally assisted facility.

Property with Non Aviation uses shall be compatible with Airport operations and such income derived be used to support maintenance, operation, and development costs of the aeronautical property.



Airport News and Information

190 Terminal Drive
Lewistown, MT  59457

Mailing Address:
PO Box 343
Lewistown, MT  59457

Airport Administrative Office

Bryon Armour, Manager
Office: 406-535-3264
Cell: 406-350-3264
email: lma@midrivers.com

Kurt Erlandson, Maintenance
Cell: 406-350-0861
Email: lwt@midrivers.com