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The Motor Vehicle System will be down starting November 20th for updates. The system could possibly be down until November 30th. Registrations can be mailed into The Treasurer's Office & they will mail them out when the system comes back online.



Real Estate

  • November 30th - First Half Due
  • May 31st  - Second Half Due

Mobile Home

  • May 31st - First Half Due
  • November 30th - Second Half Due

Personal Property

  • June 30th

Tax Information

Motor Vehicle Forms


712 W Main St.  Suite 201
Lewistown, MT  59457

Contact Information
Phone (406) 535-9220
Fax (406) 535-9222
Email: treasurer@co.fergus.mt.us

Office Hours
Monday through Friday
8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Gwen Gehlen

Kathy Hastings
Tax Clerk
Motor Vehicle Supervisor

Deborah Lindbloom
Tax Clerk
Motor Vehicle Clerk

Jamie Longtine
Deputy Treasurer