Fergus County 2019 Resolutions

Resolution 1-2019 - Resolution adopting reimbursment rates payable to officers and employees for travel related expenses

Resolution 2-2019 - Resolution adopting deputy coroners

Resolution 3-2019 - Resolution expressing the Board of Commissioners' of Fergus County support the provisions of House Bills 81 & 661 of the 66th MT Legislature adding to funds available for the development and improvement of the Lewistown Municipal Airport & Aeronautics Education

Resolution 4-2019 - Resolution to receive insurance monies for a public safety vehicle that was wrecked

Resolution 5-2019 - Resolution to receive monies for the Family Planning State General Fund

Resolution 6-2019 - Resolution providing the reorganization of the Fergus County Fair Board

Resolution 7-2019 - Resolution requesting distribution of Bridge & Road Safety and Accountability Program Fund

Resolution 8-2019 - Resolution establishing an annual fire season for Fergus County & a process for obtaining burn permits

Resolution 9-2019 - Budgetary Authority Resolution for Forest Grove bridge construction

Resolution 10-2019 - Resolution appointing deputy coroners

Resolution 11-2019 - Resolution adopting the Fergus County Emergency Operations Plan

Resolution 12-2019 - Resolution ordering the creation of the Fergus County Interdisciplinary Child Information & School Safety Team

Resolution 13-2019 - Resolution appointing the Prosecution Services Bureau of the Montana Department of Justice as special deputy county attorneys in the State vs. Torger Oaas

Resolution 14-2019 - Resolution electing to participate in the MT Voluntary Employee Beneficiary Association Health Plan established by the State of MT Department of Administration also known as "Montana Veba HBP"

Resolution 15-2019 - Resolution concurring in the Town of Denton Resolution #387, creating special improvement District No. 1 including benefitted parcels in the Town of Denton & 11 benefitted parcels in Fergus County

Resolution 16-2019

Resolution 17-2019

Resolution 18-2019 - Resolution adopting budget for fiscal year 2019/2020 and receiving certified mill values

Resolution 19-2019 - Resolution providing for a salary increase for Fergus County Elected Officials 

Resolution 20-2019 - Resolution setting the daily rate for incarceration

Resolution 21-2019 - Resolution denying demand of Estate of Terry Cox

Resolution 22-2019 - Resolution where the Board of Commissioners will receive $5000.00 from a Family Planning Grant