Fergus County 2018 Resolutions


Resolution 1-2018 - Resolution adopting reimbursment rates payable to officers and employees for travel related expenses

Resolution 2-2018 - Resolution resolving to receive another $5000.00 from the Fergus County General Fund to assist with rent.

Resolution 3-2018 - Resolution establishing the salary for the combined Sheriff/Coroner Office

Resolution 4-2018 - Resolution to transfer funds from Fergus County's Economic Accounts to the Snowy Mountain Development Corporation

Resolution 5-2018 - Resolution approving a loan for the purpose of rehabilitation of property located at the Lewistown Airport

Resolution 6-2018 - Resolution receiving additional funds from the State of Montana Department of Military for use in the Disaster & Emergncy Services Department

Resolution 7-2018 - Resolution requesting distribution of local government road construction & maintenance match program funds

Resolution 8-2018 - Resolution resolving the interest of the County of Fergus to acknowledge and support the "Snowy Mountain Development Corporation" EDA application for revolving loan funds

Resolution 9-2018 - County Emergency Declaration Resolution

Resolution 10-2018 - Resolution to authorize the submission of the TSEP application

Resolution 11-2018 - Resolution establishing a policy for obligating Fergus County by contract

Resolution 12-2018 - Resolution adopting the Montana Procurement Act

Resolution 13-2018 - Resolution for the Framework for Coordination and Cooperation

Resolution 14- 2018 - Joint Resolution relating to a proposed special inprovement district which is intended to include benefitted parcels in the Town of Denton and 11 parcels in Fergus County

Resolution 15-2018 - Resolution increasing Fergus County's per capita contribution for mental health services

Resolution 16-2018 - Resolution adopting the Fergus County Weed Board by-laws

Resolution 17-2018 - Resolution establishing Fergus County's contributions to interment costs for miltary veterans

Resolution 18-2018 - Resolution receiving a grant from the Central Montana Foundation for medical supplies at Stafford Ferry

Resolution 19-2018 - Resolution adopting reimbursement rates payable to officers & employees for travel related expenses

Resolution 20-2018 - Resolution requesting prosecurtorial assistance for the State vs. Jason Terronez (DC-2015-18)

Resolution 21-2018 - Resolution to accept the determination that a categorical exclusion is appropriate for Ross Fork Creek bridge project

Resolution 22-2018 - Resolution enacting stage one fire restrictions

Resolution 23-2018 - Resolution adopting the budget for fiscal year 2018-2019

Resolution 24-2018 - Resolution providing for a salary increase for Fergus County Elected Officials

Resolution 25-2018 - Resolution lifting stage one fire restrictions

Resolution 26-2018 - Resolution increasing the herein listed FY1718 expenditure and revenue budgets

Resolution 27-2018 - Resolution increasing the herein listed FY1718 expenditure budgets

Resolution 28-2018 - Resolution for perpetual assessment for the Denton television district

Resolution 29-2018 - Resolution appointing Broadwater County to review and investigate a human resources complaint

Resolution 30-2018 - Resolution increasing the herein listed FY1718 expenditure budgets

Resolution 30-2018 - Resolution appointing deputy coroners