Fergus County 2015 Resolutions

Resolution 1-2015
Reimbursement Rates for Travel and Business Expenses

Resolution 2-2015
Fergus County Random Drug Testing Policy

Resolution 3-2015
Fergus County Recreation District Creation

Resolution 4-2015
Winifred Herd District Creation

Resolution 5-2015
Health District Frontier Unanticipated Revenue

Resolution 6-2015
DARE- Central MT Foundation Grant

Resolution 7-2015
Fire District Property Transfer (1)

Resolution 8-2015
Fire District Property Transfer (2)

Resolution 9-2015
Hilger Street & Alley Abondonment

Resolution 10-2015
Rural Fire - Central MT Foundation Grant

Resolution 11-2015
Justice Court - Board of Crime Control Detention Camera Grant

Resolution 12-2015
Family Planning & Public Health Cancer - Unanticipated Revenue

Resolution 13-2015
CMHD - Public Health System Improvement Grant

Resolution 14-2015
DES - Homeland Security Grant

Resolution 15-2015
Sheriff's Dept - Board of Crime Control Detention Camera Grant

Resolution 16-2015
Public Notice Publication Reimbursement

Resolution 17-2015
Brooks Street & Alley Abondonment

Resolution 18-2015
Treasure State Endowment Fund Grant Application

Resolution 19-2015
Adopt Budget and Set Mill Levy

Resolution 20-2015
Set Elected Official Salaries

Resolution 21-2015
Fairgrounds Water & Sewer Budget

Resolution 22-2015
Alcohol Rehab Unanticipated Revenue

Resolution 23-2015
Snowy Mountain Development Corporation Support

Resolution 24-2015
Spend Cash Reserves for Unanticipated Expenditures

Resolution 25-2015
Property Tax Benefits - Sura

Resolution 26-2015
Property Tax Benefits - Wines

Resolution 27-2015
DES Unanticipated Expenditures

Resolution 28-2015
Authorize sale of Roy and Buffalo Property

Resolution 29-2015
Hilger Street & Alley Abandonment

Resolution 30-2015
Sheriff's Dept - MT Dept of Military Affairs Dispatch Grant

Resolution 31-2015
Dissolve Grass Range TV District

Resolution 32-2015
Denton Park District Engineering

Resolution 33-2015
Winifred Fire District Annual Mill Levy Authorization

Resolution 34-2015
Posting of Information and Other Notices