Fergus County 2014 Resolutions

Resolution 1-2014
Travel Reimbursement for Employees

Resolution 2-2014
Wellness Program Funding

Resolution 3-2014
Local Government Review

Resolution 4-2014
Fairgrounds Sewer and Water Project Mil Levy

Resolution 5-2014
Capital Improvement for Bridges

Resolution 6-2014
Predatory Animal Control Program

Resolution 7-2014
DES Hazmat funds Transfer

Resolution 8-2014
DES PDM funds Transfer

Resolution 9-2014
CMMC call for Public Hearing on Financing proposed project

Resolution 10-2014
Authorization to Submit TSEP Application  for Paradise and Roundhouse Road Bridges 

Resolution 11-2014
CMMC Funding for Emergency Room and Laboratory

Resolution 13-2014
Tax Exempt Bonds Issued by Fergus County

Resolution 14-2014
Board Appointment Authority

Resolution 15-2014
MACO Jail Standards Adopted

Resolution 16-2014
Fergus County Inventory Policy

Resolution 17-2014
Being Amended:  Fergus County Safety Manual

Resolution 18-2014
Abandoning portions of 4 Roads due to road construction

Resolution 19-2014
SMDC Management and Investment Resolution

Resolution 20-2014
Family Planning Budget Resolution

Resolution 21-2014
Sheriff's Department Civil Paper Service Fees

Resolution 22-2014
Treasurer Fees

Resolution 23-2014
Creation of a Fergus County Recreation District Resolution

Resolution 24-2014
Budget Amendments FY2014

Resolution 25-2014
Setting Mill Levy and Final Budget for FY 2015

Resolution 26-2014
Setting Elected Officials Salaries for FY 2015

Resolution 27-2014
Defining a "Full-Time Employee" for the Sole Purpose of Health Insurance Eligibility

Resolution 28-2014
Adopting the Allegiance Flexible Benefits Plan Document

Resolution 29-2014
Approving MDT Land purchase from the Airport

Resolution 30-2014
Fergus County Website

Resolution 31-2014
Fairgrounds Sewer and Water Bond Funds Disbursement

Resolution 32-2014
Fairgounds Sewer and Water Revenue Bond

Resolution 33-2014
Pre-Disaster Mitigation Resolution

Resolution 34-2014
Century Holdings Tax Benefit Resolution