Fergus County 2013 Resolutions

Resolution 2-2013
Preserve Montana Fund Grant Application

Resolution 3-2013
Joint Resolution Adopting the Lewistown Airport Board Bylaws

Resolution 4-2013
Joint Resolution Adopting and Approving Bylaws for the Lewistown Airport Board

Resolution 5-2013
Resolution Clarifying an Unnamed Road North Border NE1/4SE1/4, Section 10, Township 14 North, Range 18 East M.P.M.

Resolution 6-2013
Resolution Adopting and designating the Official Precinct boundaries for Fergus County

Resolution 7-2013
Resolution adopting a Surplus Property Policy

Resolution 8-2013
Resolution adopting the acquistion and use of Credit Cards for County Business

Resolution 9-2013
Resolution to apply for Treasure State Endowment Funds Preliminary Engineering Grant

Resolution 10-2013
Resolution abandoning an alley between Phillips Ave. and Waite Avenue in Lewistown Heights Addition

Resolution 11-2013
Fergus County Disaster Delcaration Resolution

Resolution 12-2013
Family Planning Budget Resolution

Resolution 13-2013
Family Planning Budget Resolution

Resolution 14-2013
Resolution for adopting regulations for the application & review of Buildings for lease or rent

Resolution 15-2013
Budget Resolution for the Weed Department, 911, Crime Control, and MCH Nurses

Resolution 16-2013
Setting the Mill Levy value for Fiscal Year 2014

Resolution 17-2013
Setting Elected Officials Salaries for Fiscal Year 2014