Family Planning Billing Policy

Central Montana Family Planning’s fees are based on income and family size.  We realize at times funds run low and in good faith we are willing to let our patients charge on their account.  Payment in full is expected at the time of receipt of services.

Family Planning does not encourage putting off health care because of a balance due, and we would never refuse service because of your inability to pay that day. 

If you have a balance due on your account you will be asked to pay at a minimum the cost of your services or supplies received that day.  If you are unable to pay anything at the time of service, it is allowable to offer a charge to your account of ONE dispensing of birth control at a time.

If you are unable to pay the previous or current balance in full, we are willing to work out payment arrangements.    We also will accept volunteer time to help alleviate any debt.

Family Planning sends out monthly statements around the 15th- 25th of each month.  There should be no surprises as to the amount due on any account.  We are willing to work with our patients.  Our patient charges are already at a discount. 

We ask that you afford us the same courtesy by trying to keep your account current. 

We aren’t here to make money, but we need money to stay here.