Clerk of District Court

The Clerk of District Court’s office is the "Hub" of the Judicial System. The Clerk of the District Court, in addition to keeping the records for the District Court & performing the duties prescribed by statute, takes charge of & safety keeps and disposes of all papers & records filed in the clerk's office. The Clerk of District Court attends all hearings held by the court & keeps minutes, which must contain the proceedings of the court.

The Clerk of District Court issues all process and notices required to be issued. This office also enters all orders, judgements, and decrees in the files and judgement docket. The Clerk of District Court must also keep a register of actions for each case filed in District Court. The Clerk of District Court also keeps itemized records of all fees received by the court.

The Clerk of Court also serves as the jury commissioner for Fergus County. Jurors are empaneled from July 1st of the given year thru June 30th of the following year. In additional to the above listed duties, the Clerk of District Court issues marriage licenses and is also the local passport acceptance agent. Passport photos are also avaliable for applicants at a fee.

Corona Virus/Covid-19 Public Emergency Adminstrative Order SB-2020-7

Temporary COVID Jury Trial Rules

712 W Main Street
Suite 303
Lewistown Mt  59457

Phone: 406-535-5026
Fax: 406-535-6076

Office Hours
8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Monday - Friday

Phyllis D Smith
Clerk of Court
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Brenda Snapp

Emily Aznoe
Office Manager/Deputy