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The Fergus County Records department is responsible for the recording, scanning and indexing of deeds, mortgages, surveys, mining work, mortgage releases, power of attorney, military discharges and many other various documents.  The department also files birth and death records, federal tax liens, notices of action, attachments, judgments, executions and other miscellaneous documents. In addition, the department processes realty transfer certificates which are used by the State of Montana, Department of Revenue, to determine the market value of real property and must be included with every deed conveying real property.

Search of Public Records 
Records recorded or filed since June 30, 1989 have been automated and are easily accessed by computers provided to the public in the Recorder’s vault. Conversion of the older records is an ongoing effort. The office does not do detailed legal and binding searches.

https://www.idocmarket.com/  Welcome to the Document Marketplace! This site will empower you to log in to the participating counties in order to access and print images for recorded documents. First, register with us (it’s free!). Then, choose which county or counties you would like to subscribe to. We offer both short-term Day Passes and longer term subscriptions, depending on your needs. You can then perform unlimited searches for the duration of your subscription. We’ll keep track of your prints and charge your credit card accordingly. We hope you enjoy your experience!

Filing costs are $5.00 per document.

Recording costs are:

  • Conforming documents are $8.00 per page
  • Non-conforming documents are $8.00 per page , plus $10.00
  • See MCA 7-4-2636 for further details or the “Document Standards” link on this page

When searching for Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) filings, please be advised that Montana law was changed in 2001 requiring only those UCC’s pertaining to real estate are required to be filed in the local Clerk and Recorder’s Office. All other UCC’s are now filed with the Montana Secretary of State.

Birth and Death Records

Birth and death records on file for Fergus County may date back to the late 1800's.  The current State system enables all counties to issue State birth certificates since 1921 and death certificates since 2003, with continuing updates. 

To obtain a certified copy of a Birth or Death Certificate for the State of Montana, click the following link: https://fergusmtvitals.permitium.com/rod

Historical Index Search:

Fergus County Montana Digital Archive - The Fergus County, Montana, Historical Document Research Site contains digitized key county records held by the County Clerk and Recorder's Office. A portion of these documents, County Commission Minutes (December 1, 1886, through June 25, 2003) and historic Road Petitions and Plats were digitized in 2013 by ArcaSearch Digital Archiving.

Based on previous success and the need to preserve and protect the County's historic documents as well as efficiencies realized in the Clerk and Recorder's office and in serving Fergus County citizens, the County Commission authorized the expansion of the digital archive and research site in 2021. The primary purposes are to preserve, protect and provide ready access to historic documents.

At this time, the following materials are available to the public for research purposes and specifically to locate Book/Page information to a recorded document.

  • Commission Minutes as described
  • Road Petitions and Plats
  • Index to Declaration of Homestead
  • Index to Patents and Receipts
  • Index to Deeds Grantor
  • Index to Deeds Grantee
  • Index to Water Rights Direct-Reverse
  • Index to Miscellaneous Papers
  • Index to Miscellaneous Records Direct and Reverse

Other Information:

eRecording Services - The Fergus County Records Department offers eRecording services. eRecording enables customers to file and record documents with the Fergus County Official Records Department via the internet.

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Janel Tucek
Clerk and Recorder
Election Administrator
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Abbie Craig
Deputy Clerk and Recorder
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