County Attorney

What we do (and don’t do):

We are public attorneys - exclusively. Primarily we prosecute criminal cases, both felonies and misdemeanors. In child abuse and neglect cases, we represent the Montana Department of Public Health and Human Services. Also, we advise the Board of Commissioners and other public officials regarding public business.

We are prevented by law from representing private clients or advising people regarding their private legal affairs. We cannot give advice or answer questions about divorce or child custody matters, landlord and tenant relationships, contract disputes, real estate law, or other such civil issues and disputes.

Where we are:

Our office is located at 801 W. Broadway, in Lewistown. Our offices formerly housed the Lewistown Art Center. We moved into the remodeled building in May of 2010. Two historic structures make up our offices. In the 1970’s the Von Tobel Carriage House was moved from the 300 block of West Watson street to its present site, where it was joined to the Lehmen bunkhouse. We are very proud of your building and will do our part in preserving it for this and future generations.

801 W. Broadway St.
Lewistown MT  59457

Phone: (406) 535-8127

Kent Sipe
County Attorney

Chief Deputy County Attorney

Jean Adams
Deputy County Attorney
HR Director

Diane Cochran 
Deputy County Attorney

Renee Sanofsky 
Victim/Witness Coordinator

Legal Assistant
Office Manager

Legal Assistant
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