Fergus County Weed District - Services

• Equipment Rental/Chemical Sales

Fergus County Weed District provides ATV sprayers and Backpack Sprayers for rent. Please inquire for rental rates, terms and conditions.

• Mapping

Fergus County Weed District provides GPS services to landowners. These include mapping weed infestations and providing landowner maps. Please inquire for rates, terms and conditions.

• Spray Services

Fergus County Weed District provides spraying services for landowners. Please inquire about rates, terms and conditions.

• Bio Control

Fergus Count y Weed District will provide bio control agents and assist with the establishment of a monitoring program. Please inquire about the terms and conditions.

• Noxious Weed Trust Fund Cost / Share Grant Program

There are multiple funding sources available for noxious weed management. Fergus County Weed District is here to assist landowners in securing funds.

• Individual landowner visits / property assessments

Fergus County Weed District will provide property assessments to assist landowners in the development of Noxious Weed Management Plans.

• Applicator / Calibration training

Fergus County Weed District has established calibration plots and will assist applicators with the calibration of their equipment. Please set up a date and time with the district.

• Subdivision / Gravel Pit inspections

All subdivision and opencut mine operations need to be inspected for noxious weeds prior to breaking ground. All inspections carry a onetime $75.00 fee due at time of the inspection.

• Commercial Applicators

Fergus County Weed District will provide a list of certified commercial applicators to interested landowner. Commercial applicators provide spraying services, revegetation services and assistance with noxious weed management.