Fergus County Emergency Operations Plan

 SECTION I - The Basic Plan
The Basic Plan is an overview of the jurisdiction’s emergency response organization and policies. It cites the legal authorities for emergency operations, summarizes the situations addressed by the plan, and explains the general concept of operations, and assigns responsibilities for emergency planning and operations. It also contains the signature page for acceptance of the EOP and the revision tracking page.

SECTION II - Command and Control
The Command and Control section contains information on response and recovery efforts. This includes the National Incident Management System, Emergency Response Matrix and extraordinary powers.

SECTION III - Emergency Support Functions (ESF)
Emergency Support Functions (ESF): This section provides an overview of common elements that could occur during an emergency or disaster. This section does not take the place of Standard Operating Procedures or Guidelines.

SECTION IV - Hazard-Specific Annexes
Hazard-Specific Annexes provide additional detailed information applicable to the performance of particular functions in the face of a particular hazard.